Saturday, July 27, 2019

Media Coverage of Climate Change Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Media Coverage of Climate Change - Essay Example The mention of virtue is ridiculed, and even the word itself has fallen out of favor" (1928). This assignment reflects on the media coverage of climate change in United Kingdom and struggle towards exploring how British newspaper reports on climate change. There are some historical issues that have been discussed in this analytical report. It also provide with the literature review of history of climate change and how the media contributed a great deal towards communicating environmental issues. It also sheds light on how some famous newspapers of Britain reporting on climate change. According to research, if newspapers do not exaggerate it will be more meaningful and real to public. As a reporter, they need to find out how they can report the news that engage public and awake their attention rather than create havoc among them. The review of literature will look at several British newspapers related to reporting climate change. It will also shed some light on what is Climate change, what is Global Warming and how it effects the environment. Climate is the pattern of weather in a particular place, how much windy and sunshine it gets, how much rain it's going to be is all included in weather change. As we all know the world climate is all under the influence of sun. Since the beginning of the universe, the earth rotates on a tilted axis, and because of this different of the world is heated at different times making some places hotter than other and cause change in season. The change in temperature causes the change in air pressure, producing storms, hurricanes. The sun's temperature also warms up the seas unevenly which sometimes causes underwater winds. Association between atmosphere and oceans sometimes produce critical weather patterns such as El-Nino, a sort of strange weather happens every few years in the pacific. Scientists are of the view that large amount of carbon dioxide in atmosphere, and hotter temperature on earth affects the climate and brings change across the whole planet. And this change is already on its way to earth in different parts of the world. But it's nothing new. Earth's climate has been changing over from the past hundreds of millions of years, sometime getting colder sometimes warmer. Climate change people talk about these days is somewhat different. Scientists believe that it is not happening naturally but our way of living and consumption is making it happen. Mostly it is caused by gradual increase in fossil fuels. Traditional or natural climate change makes the whole world hotter or cooler, whereas modern climate change is making more erratic changes all over the places, making some places hotter and some cooler. This is what Global Warming is. Global warming works according to climate change. It's all because of what people do. Earth is getting warmer year by year but not in the sense of short term. It has been happening since 1990. Since then the whole planet has warmed up upto 0.8 degrees centigrade. And it is likely that by the end of the 21st century it's going to get 2.5 degree centigrade

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