Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Defning globalization Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Defning globalization - Essay ExampleThe definition of globalization is highly contentious among professionals in the work of economics and business. Globalization is a term for the process of international integration brought upon by interconnectivity of cultural aspects.(Steger, 1) Cultural aspects can be further defined as engineering, religion, infrastructure, and manufacturing processes. There are many types of globalization increased internet activity, international cell phones, and aviation.There are many good aspects of globalization that increases the health and cultivation of many third world countries. However, there are aspects of globalization that have both positive and negative aspects. The globalization that about people think of the most is the usage of other countries to assist in the production or manufacturing of products for consumption or use. This is known by many currently as outsourcing. While outsourcing is non the only breed of globalization, this is t he one element that has become a hot topic politic tout ensembley due to the extent and negative elements. Outsourcing is a negative form of globalization to portions of the get together States, while for others it is one of the best things that has occurred.When the United States federal government began to give tax benefits to companies who moved their major production elements outside of the United States, many companies began to move.(Anderson, 213) Not only are manufacturing jobs being sourced in other countries, but now countries are moving things such as call centers and technology service centers.(Dessler & Phillips, 61) Moving jobs overseas has a drastic and detrimental effect on the job market in the United States. Individuals in certain regions of the realm are without job because of the relocation of most of the car making processes. No longer are there hundreds of companies making car parts, most if not all of those jobs are now in countries such as Mexico and China. This outsourcing has come to a

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